Text shortcuts/snippets/macro feature
Often you use text that repeats in your different emails: some boilerplates, CTA, etc. It would be a nice feature to allow pasting it fast using shortcuts/snippets/macro like, for example, in Intercom chats: You can either use a button to enter the snippets menu and find the right one or type some sign like "@" or "#" and start typing the shortcut title to enter this menu ( https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/585687451/ddf9ec2e6fe408f565a0faea/Screen+Capture+on+2022-09-23+at+17-43-39.gif?expires=1719559800&signature=472ec22a9f79357de3a39e32ebe75fdb1322d055032ec0ad6b74cd8ad682fbcc ). Use cases: – In might be useful for boilerplates (some text that you use over and over again across multiple emails) – CTA buttons or links, especially multilingual. It is easy to type some text like "Get a Quote" without any shortcut but for multilingual emails it is totally different: Even if you know the phrase in other languages, you still doubt how to write it correctly and have to go to some older emails/website to copy and paste it to your new email. Or you might just not have some letters in your current keyboard settings like Ü, Ö etc. Things to keep in mind for the new feature: – Would be really nice if you could combine it with your multilingual features: For example, you can create a single multilingual shortcut instead of multiple shortcuts for each language so that you can easily select it from the menu and it is pasted in the right language (or default language if it does not exist in current email's language) – Allow using it in sidebar menu fields (link text / link URL / picture src / picture alt etc.) so that it works not just in the text block editor but also with different links/images/menu elements etc.
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